Price of Amateur Bred Warmblood Weanlings

I am looking for my next horse to bring along. I have bred, broke , competed and retired multiple horses. I just don’t have the heart to breed anymore but would love to bring up another baby I have the facility and knowledge to buy a baby and wait. Just wondering what a nice amateur friendly with nice gaits. (does not need to be spectacular) weanling go for? I do a little dressage, eventing and trail riding.

I would say that I can’t put one on the ground for under $8500 if full pkg. 2 yrs of mare care, stud fee and vettings/trip chgs, immunizations, farrier, registration/approvals/travel, USEF fee, and not including plenty of etc, value of mare, and my time and facility. Most better breeders would charge 10,500+


Thank you for your reply! Sounds very resonable.

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Sorry for the delay in correcting the title. on my cell phone with spotty connection! Thanks for the correct spelling!

There are quite a few in the $10-$12k range, and you’ll have a lot more options if you go up to $15k.

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I kinda want to use that as a name now :rofl:

I just bought one, good to great lines on the sire’s side and great lines on the dam’s (in a breed I am unfamiliar with so basing this on people who know and have told me). Slightly different breeding than the average WB (WB x Appendix) but she is lovely and a good mover, and I anticipate will be a very nice adult horse. So they can be found, just maybe in different parts of the country. I would not have been able to purchase the same weaning in my state for less than $10k, and her price plus transport and PPE is less than that.

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