Private boarding needed in MoCo Md

I would like to find a private farm with ample turn out, outdoor ring (indoor or covered a plus but not necessary), access to trails, 1 stall needed for 1 horse, field board fine for the other. Would be happy to do semi self care or co-op type situation. Farm must be open to outside insured trainers. Any available options?

Both horses are extremely well behaved, well mannered geldings.

I am close to Potomac but will drive to Poolesville, Germantown, Clarksburg, etc.

Thanks in advance

you could try Calithea - nice outdoor, mostly pleasure riders not sure if they have jumps. Most of the places seem to have resident trainers, maybe Sugarloaf or Good News? Could also try Two Sisters farm

Any chance you have contact information for sugarloaf or Two Sisters? I have a call into Good News. I live close enough to Callithea I can pop in tomorrow.

I board at Sugarloaf. We have an indoor, 2 outdoors and tons of hacking space. But it’s primarily a dressage barn and you need to be in training with one of the resident trainers. 301-972-8110 is the barn number.