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Prix St. James?

What on earth is this? I was entering a Test of Choice class via FoxVillage.com’s online entry system, and one of the myriad options listed was Prix St. James. Never heard of such a thing so it made me curious.

Google popped up a brief mention in a thread on a Horse and Hound bulletin board, and there are a couple mentions within threads when I search on this board. But I really can’t find a clear description of what PSJ is, much less a PDF of the test.

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From what I can tell it was “basic test”/PSJ + PSG. There’s this blog that at least has the movements: https://woodsdressage.com/in-the-court-of-st-james/

Who knows the last time it was actually offered seriously though.


Thanks for finding the test movements. Its distinction seems to be combining working, medium and collected gaits within the same test (usual tests leave working gaits out once collected gaits are introduced) with a bit of stretching. I wonder when and how much it was ever used?

I started in Dressage in the 80 and have never seen this test used. Overall it sounds like a sympathetic 3rd level test to show 3 clear, developed trots with clear ability to stretch over the back and return.

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