Prizes for Shows Season

The association that I ride in gives out end of the year prizes and we are looking for some ideas for something different to offer. Prizes vary according to the placing but generally we the price range we are looking at is from $150 - $20 per prize. Some examples of past prizes include saddle blankets with association name/logo, hat cans, bridles, reins (regular and romel), hay bags, saddle racks, buckets, brushes, coolers, blankets, etc.

Does anyone have some suggestions for new prizes? Maybe something that you have seen other associations give out at shows or annually? Something functional but not necessarily horsey is okay.

Buckles? I have also seen really nice bridle buckles with the organizations name, Chairs with class name and organization, coolers for the horse…halters with class names…


We give out belt buckles for champion and reserve for each division and have done chairs and halters previously. It is so hard to come up with something different.

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I totally understand! I do the kids prizes for our group. It’s so hard! I won a cooler with the groups name and class. I really enjoy it and use it often.

Oh! An unusual idea I saw somewhere was an emergency kit for horses.


Emergency kit is different. Thanks!

I love my folding chair. Also a bag that would hold an entire bag of hay. That way if I have to put it in the dressing room or back of the truck hay does not go everywhere. Jackets and hoodies are also nice as they advertise the shows for years to come and not just at horse shows.

Our club does participation awards also. Those are usually brushes or small buckets with the clubs name on them.

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Also a “Yeti” type cup with latex letters. My son won one of those at a shotgun competition and still uses it years later.


Jackets, windbreakers, vests with a little discreet logo for the show or even class and win?


Going off the buckle theme, not sure if they fit the price point though.

Yeti cups…

A friend of mine won a Yeti insulated bucket, the lid had a tooled leather cover with the class, placing, year. She uses it in the trailer all the time. You can use it as a sitting stool or cooler.

Trophy back cinch buckles.

One show I go to has a ladies class, they give a trophy bracelet made by a local silversmith.

I’m happy with cash…LOL


Thank you so much for the input. Some of these are great ideas so keep them coming.

Our annual participation awards are usually vest, jackets or hoodies. We really try to put most of the net income back into prizes so we give lots of stuff out.

My favorites are embroidered jackets and vests. I have a wide variety and I wear them doing barn chores. You can’t have too many! Reminds me why I slave away taking care of my horses! And makes me nostalgic for the different horses I’ve owned and shown over the years.

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Custom spurs

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I’ve seen wooden grooming boxes and trunks and picture frames with engraved plates that are nice. I agree that it’s very hard to come up with new and different ideas (and impossible to please everyone!) One of my favorite prizes is from a local marathon-- they do these awesome throw blankets made of sweatshirt type material and have the logo screenprinted on it. They are really warm and highly coveted.

Thank you for the recommendations. Keep them coming. The items do not have to be horse related just something that people might like or use.

Probably my favorite prize from western competition has been a sturdy working headstall, made from quality harness leather. I think it’s Schutz Brothers? That’s something a lot of us can use: decent everyday tack. If you could have some kind of lettering tooled or stamped into one of the cheekpieces or the crown, that’d be cool.

I like this idea: Useful and a conversation piece. Kind of what I did that with some of the horse coolers I won. I had a local tailor/seamstress lady cut them into lap throw size and then put a nice binding all around.

Leather Halters with plate
Headstalls with custom buckles reflecting the association name and year (vaquero silver does beautiful ones)
Spur straps with custom buckles
Breast collars
Show pads with the leather or silver corners
Yeti coolers of various sizes depending on price point With Association name and year attached
I think I’ve seen hat cans with the buckles on them, similar to the yeti idea posted above.
I think the yetis are a few hundred dollars

I think our group is doing a set of clippers as a prize this year.

I just realized that I also should have asked for the names of places the supplied prizes for other associations. Where could I find the custom Yeti cups and buckets, back cinch buckles, heave throw blankets, and custom spurs. Previously we gave out Dennis Moreland custom spurs but he is retiring and need a new source.

Any other suggestions, ideas and vendors would be GREATLY appreciated.

Montana Silversmith will do the yeti mugs, they also offer spurs but I love Ray Maheu for custom spurs and bits.
Vaquero Silversmith can do back cinch buckles etc