Pro Am Leather Dressage Saddle?

I just picked up a brand new leather dressage saddle made in India by Pro Am. It was on closeout since the company is no longer in business from $800 to $300. It fits me really well and has an adjustable gullet and knee pads. I want to purchase more gullets, but I can’t find anything about this saddle company anywhere and which gullets I can get for it. I bought it mainly because I’m a size 16-16.5, I’m pretty tiny and finding something that fits is hard. The two saddles that own are a 17" Passier Baum and a 17 " Kieffer dressage. Both are a bit large on me, so when I sat on this, it was a great feeling.

I don’t own or lease yet, so I’m not planning on buying anything more $$$$ until that day.


Can you post a picture? Is it a Thornhill Pro Am, or an Equiroyal Pro Am, or a Tough-1 Pro Am?

How do you know the gullet is adjustable with replacement plates? Can you see the head plate? There are only a few styles, so someone may be able to identify it even if they can’t figure out who made the saddle.