"Problem Horse" trainer recommendations in Northeast/MidAtlantic area

Horse is 9 and was on previous owner’s back burner. Lived life on his own terms with no job required. Has no work ethic and can buck. Horse is smaller so need a rider who isn’t too large. Physical issues have been ruled out with vet.

Do not want anyone rough. TIA

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What job do you want the horse to do?

3ft hunter? 1.2m jumper? pre-child hunter? green hunter prospect? That info would help.

3’ Rated hunter for child

Are you looking to send the horse out for full training or haul in for lessons or ??

Theres a good number of decent trainers in that area but most will want the horse in house for 90 days minimum to reverse 9 years of idleness,

I am a terrible skeptic about horses left just sitting for years. They aren’t free to keep up to date on farrier and vet and theres usually more to the often heard story that somebody, either the seller or whoever they bought it from, didn’t have time or a rider. Make sure there aren’t any details that got left out before spending for training. That trainer will appreciate it too.

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Sending it away for full training is ok. We want a useful member of society back. 60-90 days is likely needed and understood.

He’s in Florida at the moment (back in April), but highly recommend Will Baker in northern NJ for a horse like this. https://coasttocoastequestrian.com/

This. A thousand times this. Especially with the prices a 3’ rated childen’s hunter fetches nowadays.

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Does it currently jump around at 2’6 or at 3’ with an experienced rider? Does it have a good lead change? Does it have the step to get up the lines for the child/adult hunters?

A couple examples:
A family member just had their horse kidized/amateurized by a trainer I know well: horse had done pre-green at A shows, but was stopping with a kid and bucking, oftentimes wouldn’t canter. 2 months of training and the horse is chipping for the kid, bailing her out and more or less going around pleasantly in the Childrens. Key: they also put it on their show routine of an excellent vet, great farrier, chiro, etc., which could have had the biggest impact of all.

Another trainer I heard about recently got sent a horse to him who wouldn’t do a lead change. They eventually had to send it to a cowboy who got it done, nobody wanted to ask how. The horse is going around now nicely in the pre childrens.


In the past I have used Roddy Strang for my trouble horses. He is VERY good, he round pens them, rides them out across the fields, will hop them over jumps. You can come and visit while they are in training and he will give you a lesson on your horse too. Hes located in Pennsylvania, near Lancaster/Philadelphia.

Jessica Forliano is fabulous in Furlong, PA. Takes her time, tons of patience, the horses love her. Really nice facility and great care.

They very recently moved to Florida, I believe for good. It looks like the website hasn’t been updated, but their Facebook page has the new address.

Oh, that’s a bummer. He was such a great resource. Totally makes sense though. Hes a super horseman.