Procuring Out-of-Country Purchases

What freight-forwarding options are available for moving horsey goods from one country to another? I’ve found a delightful pony-sized fleece cooler in the UK but the quote I’m getting to have it shipped from the saddlery to Canada is 80 - 100 GBP :grimacing:

what shipping options does the seller have? Without knowing which services they use everything is just a shot into the dark

When I was having items brought in for manufacturing on short notice I usually defaulted to DHL as many of the airfreight shipment costs were staggering even for small items under 2kg

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I’ve found it’s best just to shop around. I just paid $40 shipping for field boots (plus some small stuff) so it’s likely you can find it cheaper. I did price custom helmet covers once and the shipping gor them was also like $40 even though they could fit in a padded envelope.

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I’m currently looking at a service called ForwardVia, depending on the size of the parcel this blanket comes in, I may be able to get it here for $30 or $40 (which is still cheaper, overall, than the fleece cooler alternative I was ready to buy earlier in the week).

I bought some turnout blankets from the UK twice last year and shipping was reasonable. Unfortunately shipping costs have gone way up. Recently I’ve had quotes of £60-75+ for shipping 1-2 blankets from England to Canada, and from multiple tack shops :frowning:

The first thing I always do is google the item and see if I can find it closer to home.

I’m surprised the shipping is that high–I’ve found shipping from the UK to the US to be pretty affordable lately.

I’ve found that it is sometimes cheaper to have things shipped by mail. At the least, you don’t get charged brokerage fees.

The company may tell you if the have retailers in Canada or the US

I’ve bought items from Etsy sellers in the UK and shipping wasn’t much more than costs inside the US. But they did come through the mail, not a freight shipper.