production acres hay

hi all

just a quick note to let you know that our 300 mile delivery range is now lifted. Delivery is available to a larger area
please call 423.346 7909 for more info…thanks :slight_smile:

Do you ever deliver to the Southern Pines area? I’m looking for good quality alfalfa/Timothy or similar hay or just straight alfalfa.
Once my barn is complete, I could buy a year’s worth. I only have one horse right now but will have 3-4 horses by next summer. Depending on the size of the bales I’ll use 1-3 bales a day by then.
I’m talking about waiting until first cutting, since my storage area isn’t ready yet,anyway.

we have in the past you will need to call our office and speak with Julia
423.346.7909 :slight_smile: thanks !

Wish you would come to Washington State! Perhaps you could vacation here for a bit, make it worthwhile. I am hoping for a new hay dealer this year.

:slight_smile: I have never been so far west.

Hi, Tamara. Do you happen to have any other customers in Southern Pines area this summer? I need about 100 bales of grass hay and 100 bales of alfalfa, or could take straight alfalfa or a mix, depending on price. I finally have my hay storage part of the barn mostly done so looking for a year’s worth from somewhere.

hello sorry to just see this…there were some in Southern Pines years ago. we would be glad to travel there.some of the hay is being dropped out near Raleigh this morning call 423.346.7909 and ask for Julia (my younger sister) and she can set you up :slight_smile: thanks and sorry to be so late to reply…tamara