ProStride & Bony irregularities of P1...Success? Advice? Other modalities or avenues to try?

Hello Everyone!

I have a 6 year old Oldenburg mare who has just been re-assessed after 6 weeks off. The lateral x-ray revealed some subtle changes at the distal proximal phalanx (P1) of her left fore, suggestive of mild “spurring”. She is subtly off on the left rein only, and only on a small circle.

Has anyone dealt with a similar case? I’m curious to hear your experience for prognosis.

NB. I spent the last 6 week cold lasering with Class3B laser (no change as evident with xray today…laser would minimally impact bony changes and it would help soft tissue) and have shockwaved her 2x (with my own human shockwave machine- I’m a human sports med practitioner). Next week, we will shockwave her and then immediately inject with Prostride (good evidence with shockwave then regenerative medicine injections with humans). The farrier is going to correct the load of the joint (lift heels and apply rockers to help with breakover).

Anything else that I’m missing? I have access to a PEMF machine and would like to also try supplementation for decreasing inflammation and preventing deterioration of cartilage (recommendations?- we’re in Canada).

Finally, we’ve been jumping her 1x a week through show season…is it likely she cannot continue her job as a jumping horse?

HUGE thanks!
Lindsay (& Pippa :slight_smile: )

The only thing that comes to mind is Osphos/Tildren, to help with bony changes. Has that been discussed?
I’m sure others will chime in.

Wow, really?! Can you share the literature? I’d love to send to my regenerative medicine guy!

I’m sorry I don’t have advice for your horse, but I’ve had really great luck with IRAP in a few cases, and wouldn’t hesitate to use it, or ProStride, again. Good luck!

Where are the spurs located?

Distal front of the proximal phalanx. Very subtle but there!

OSPHOs can cause colic; be sure to watch your horse after injection for the recommended amount of time.