Protechmasta vs. Back On Track

Does anyone have any experience with the Protechmasta product line from the U.K.? If you do, what is the difference between it and BOT? Which one do you like better? They both look like they use the same ceramic-infused fabric.

Info about the Protechmasta -

Heres a video -

No experience with that line, but if you’re exploring other brands of ceramic-infused therapies, consider looking at the Lux line (carried by SS Tack) and Pro Choice’s new Theramic products. Both have quick wrap type products and fleece/mesh sheets at a lower price point than BOT.

The Masta line is brand new so there won’t be many people with it yet, and none with any long term experience. Back on Track has been getting popular here in the UK over the past couple of years and it looks like the companies based here have taken notice! There is a new line from Premier Equine as well in their latest catalogue #bandwagon. I’ve had a couple of the Back on Track mesh sheets for a while and really like them for what it’s worth.

I have a lot of experience with BoT and swear by it. I have the shirt for myself, and the quick wraps, saddle pad, polos, and quarter sheet for myself. She bowed a tendon and I started using the quick wraps every night in her stall after the initial icing stage was over. I don’t know if she’s healing faster, but it’s kept her cold and tight!