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Protein: CalfManna vs. whey isolate vs. Purina SuperSport vs. SmartMuscle Mass?

I ordered whey concentrate and not whey isolate for mare this week and didn’t realize until this morning. D’oh! I want to get more protein in her and am between:

  • CalfManna: she is not in work right now beyond hand walking. This is the cheapest, locally available at TSC, and high in protein. It would be nice if I could put her on this to help her out and switch her to something higher quality when she’s back in work. Is there a reason that I shouldn’t feed it?
  • whey isolate: not as cheap as CalfManna but a good option
  • Purina SuperSport: what I’m leaning towards for when she’s back in work, but right now I can’t justify $75 for 25lbs when we are just hand walking.
  • SmartMuscle Mass: the most expensive, perhaps the most robust nutritionally? Something that I will consider when she’s working again but not at this present moment.

ETA her diet currently consists of the following. She has always had a poor and undermuscled topline in the nearly 1yr I have owned her. She is 3.5 on the dot in just a few days and a little shorter than I like, so I am hopeful that more protein would help her fill out and get a bit taller as she grows!

  • 2lbs alfalfa
  • 4oz CT+
  • 90g SmartTendon
  • 3 tablespoons mineral salt
  • homemade cookie with spirulina, 2000ie VE, chia seeds, oats, and carrots


Have you considered an actual amino acid supplement for horses, one that has the required amino acid?


do none of those meet the requirements?

At 3.5 years old, she will fill out, but I would have serious doubts as to gaining more height no matter what you feed.

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I know she’s mostly done growing height wise. just wishful thinking

I’d save the $$ on supplements and replace the CT with a ration balancer fed at the high end for her weight. More protein, more AAs.

can you post a confo-type pic of her? A 3yo in good health, with reasonably good conformation, with good hoof balance, shouldn’t have “a poor and undermuscled topline”

You can’t fix confo, but you can fix feet


I see no reason. I use it occasionally with my goats and cows and I have found most animals love the taste. Also the pellet form and the small amount you need is nice.

I would feed it to my horses but they don’t need it.

What is she getting for hay and feed( amounts/ lbs) besides the supplements you listed above??

I really like the snartpak muscle mass. It’s does wonders for horses that are finding it hard to build muscle IMHO.

Ohhhh this is THAT filly

her long loin and peaked croup will make it harder for her to engage her hind end to really build muscle/topline so you’ll have to work extra-correctly and slowly to help her do that, while you also work on the (potential) muscle myopathy/ies


Buy the Calf Manna labelled for other critters.
Its the exact same stuff but the horse one costs twice as much bc it has a horse on the bag