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Proven crosses for my Idocus/Rampal/War Drums mare?

Hello All,

I have been using Sporthorse-Data and Horsetelex to look for proven crosses with my mare’s pedigree but wanted to reach out and see if there was a better way of going about this? I would love your input.


I am looking for both dressage and jumping crosses. Her previous owner would like a dressage foal out of her and we are looking for a hunter derby prospect.

We would be looking for fresh options that add hind end power. She has a wonderful temperament and is very rideable. All suggestions and critiques welcome, as are non-proven crosses that may work as well. Thank you in advance!

Pictures and videos can be found here:

Capone 1 - he’s fresh and definitely adds hind end power

I bred my Idocus mare to him and I love the cross. Did it twice actually and thinking of doing it again. My eldest, 6 year old, Jumps 1.30m+, and is going Level 2 dressage. She scored 9 for ride-ability at her inspection.

Thank you Copilot! I did see this cross and was impressed. Congratulations on your success! Love the Contender blood in there. :yes:

Lotus T has sired some very good horses out of both Rampal and Idocus mares. He adds jump, movement, elasticity and power to his offspring - besides unbeatable temperament!

Thank you for your reply!

Any opinions on Judgement ISF for a hunter derby prospect? I would get the Nimmerdor cross with Volatire. We really liked Consul but he is frozen. ISF suggested Florianus II as well.

Rampal’s Grand Prix son Ovation was out of a Argentan I mare and that cross also produced a Keur mare named Lanita. I know of Bon Balou and Apiro that carry Argentan. I think Apiro and her would produce something too heavy.

There is a lovely SJ “Tango” that is out of a Wanroij/Milkie mare. The stallion Prestige II TG carries Wanroij and Nimmerdor.

For the dressage foal we were considering Connaisseur.

The Idocus/Burggraf cross produced an international dressage horse. I’ve also seen nice Ferro crosses.




I like Navarone with her. He throws a good strong hind end. Proven Grand Prix and event producer. Hee is one young Navarone x Idocus Available fresh and easy to get mares in foal too.


Thank you Kathy! I was just about to email you :slight_smile: Iliana is very nice. We have had our eye on Navarone. Will Navarone be up north for the winter? We are in New England often. We will be in touch soon.

Am I missing any Nimmerdor blood in NA (fresh)?

I know of Judgement and some others with Voltaire which she already has…

Navarone is in Franklin, MA at Clarion Farm. You can see him anytime.


For a dressage foal:

Does anyone have experience any Connaisseur offspring or maybe Connaisseur himself? KWPN says he does best with a substantial mare which Chantilly is. He would also most likely add elasticity. Speaking with the owner of Connaisseur, she believes it would be a good match. Anybody with access to his reports, if you could share them I would appreciate it. All the links I have tried have failed me.

Here is a confo pic of her.


This one was taken a week or so ago. She had rolled, so not that glamorous