PS of Sweden Athens bride fit?

Hello! I am looking to purchase a PS of Sweden figure 8 bridle for my thoroughbred, but am on the fence about sizing. He’s a big solid boy but has a pretty typey head. I wouldn’t say delicate but definitely more refined than others. His current bridle (a cheap Dover brand hunter bridle) measures right in between the cob and full size on the PS of Sweden website. His current bridle fits him great—he uses the holes right in the middle. Does PS have a habit of running large or small? What size would you suggest? Thanks!

I would go with a full. IMO it fits small. I have a fairly average sized TB who is typically in between cob and full, and we’re in the middle holes on the cheek and last hole on the figure 8 upper nose buckle in a full.


Photo of the grouchy mare trying it on:


I don’t have the figure 8, but I’ve had 3 PS bridles for my small but not overly type-y TB - the first was a cob size and that was FAR too small. The full size fits well, I think it would be small for a true full-sized horse.

Do you like the bridle? I’m sooooo close to pulling the trigger, my current ride is between a cob and full size, but my current figure 8, the rings sit right on his cheekbones, and I can’t get it to fit differently. Would love to know what you think!

My mare is really sensitive and has made it clear she likes the PS crown through some experimenting with her dressage bridle. I originally thought they might be a gimmick, but she is really clear when she does or does not like something. Based on that, I was pretty set on another PS bridle for jumping.

I’ve only ridden in this bridle twice now, but she is comfortable and it fits well. I like my other PS bridle a lot (an older Paladin), and this one provides just a little more control for jumping without making Ms Picky Pants uncomfortable at all, so that is a win IMO. The leather quality is decent for the price point, although the padding and structure do mean it will never be butter soft like my old Vespucci. It more than makes up for that in the horse-friendly design. I would 100% but it again, especially for this horse.

I just got the cob size in. I’m hoping it’ll fit my very fine headed girl. She’s currently in a pioneer and it’s one that was built for her so has various sizes. I’m most concerned that the bottom strap of the figure 8 will be too big as the bottom strap of the pioneer is on the last hole of the cob size. She’s just not quite the right size for the pony size nose band! I’ll let you know how it fits tomorrow.

Tried the cob in my tiny mare are it has be be in the lowest hole. Will be returning and getting the full for her :flushed:

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Are you guys ordering direct from PS or some other place?..I keep trying to find a deal, but no luck so far. :confused:

You very rarely find a deal. I bought mine when they offered 50% off reins and a leather care kit with a bridle. I’ll send it back and order from a shop instead probably.

Right?! I just saw that deal on FB one day after it ended and was super bummed! :tired_face: