PS of Sweden bridle sizing

Has anyone used a pony size (1) PS of sweden bridle? How big was your pony? I am trying to gauge how small the bridles run for my 15.1 horse.

I have two PS of Sweden bridles (High Jump and Hackamore) for my 15.1 hand guy and both are horse sized except for the cheek pieces which are pony sized. Obviously what will work depends on your horse’s head size and shape, as well as which bridle you’re looking at, but for my guy, there’s no way the ear cut outs would have been in the right place if I’d gotten a smaller size, and a smaller browband definitely wouldn’t have worked either.

I use the cob size on my tb’s and very very rarely need a horse size which I find run large.

The horse size is huge and the cob is as large or larger than most cobs

I use a cob size on my 16.3 mare. I find they run very big.