PS of sweden pony bridle sizing

Has anyone used a pony size (1) PS of sweden bridle? How big was your pony? I am trying to gauge how small the bridles run for my 15.1 horse.

I’ll go dig but I’m pretty sure the PS 1 is very very small.

A 3 is a full size and a 2 is cob. Some people on old posts said that the full was more of a cob/full than a full/oversize.

This is a link to a size 1. I believe it is a true miniature.

It was such a good deal that I wanted to snag it for a 14h pony but thought that it would be too small let completely out every direction:

My sister had a clunky headed morgan (14.3) who went in the full size.

I would think you would want the cob size. That is what my fairly refined headed 15.2 mare wears. Her PS cob sized bridle (the Nirak) doesn’t have a lot of adjustment for either the noseband or jaw band (closer to being too small) but sufficient to get all the straps buckled. It was the first anatomic bridle I had tried that even came close to actually fitting her.


I originally got the pony size for my 13.2 hand pony and it was WAY too small. I would agree that unless your horse’s head is Welsh pony size you probably want the cob size. That’s what I’m using now and it fits great!