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PSA Centaur Athletic Stable Sheet-great material

I stumbled across this sheet by accident and I love it. It’s made of a stretchy material so it doesn’t put pressure on the withers. The front is cut in a pretty big V, similar to Rambo. The front buckle straps have elastic built in as well. The material is different and seems flimsy, but it’s not. It washes very well and seems to have a similar weight as Big D or Schneiders. The snaps are heavy so I swapped them out for smaller ones. So far, I’ve purchased 4 of them and because of the give in the material, they fit everyone, especially my high withered one. They seem difficult to find so I don’t know if they are new or being closed out. I found some on line at Valencia Saddlery. I hope this helps someone.


I am a huge fan of all of their products. The level of abuse I put their 150g blanket through, and it still kept chugging along, it was amazing! I wish they would make more things!

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