PSA for those who use Misoprostol

Use the goodRX website and compare prices and your local pharmacy. I picked up my horse’s for $300 using goodRX when regular price is 1400. Your vet can call in the rx to the pharmacy of your choice/the cheapest. The website shows your the prices of all your local pharmacies so you can decide where to call it in.

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I get mine from Rood and Riddle, 30 day supply is a little over $200.

Unfortunately, it ended up being 600 a month for me to go through them when I looked online.

Another vote for Rood and Riddle’s pharmacy. We just started my guy on misoprostol for glandular/pyloric ulcers. My gelding is on 5200mg/day or 52 of the 100 mg tablets. That came to roughly $1k through the prescribing vet.

The powder from Rood and Riddle was $310 for a 30 day supply at 5600mg/day.

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