PSA: Smartpak Breeches on

EDITED: Looks like they’ve sold, sorry! Someone got a great buy for $7.99!

They look to be in pretty good shape! Sadly not my size, plus I prefer full seat. They’re a steal for someone who fits them!

Drat! “SOLD”
For a good price I might’ve tried squishing my 32 Self into them :sunglasses:

They are described as Jeggings. Laugh.

Well, those went fast! They were available when I posted them.

@2DogsFarm I LOLed at the jeggings part, too. I might not have noticed them if they didn’t mention the brand!

Check out Poshmark for breeches, too! I’ve been able to find some good deals on there :slight_smile:

ETA: No way there’s anything for $7.99 on there, though. Haha. Someone got a great deal on those!


It was me, thank you @downen. I saw the post on my ‘coffee scroll’ yesterday.

I had never even seen that site and haven’t really bought used clothes before. Hopefully they fit. I also checked out poshmark and might try it for a bridesmaid dress. Thanks COTH! :blush: