Pull on water proof or resistant paddock boots

I have been wearing Dublin Venturer boots for a few years now. I love love love them. Water proof, easy to get on and off. Comfy comfy soles that have held up awesome. These boots have lasted me over a year each, which for me is great. I live and work on a farm, these boots are often on my feet from morning till late evening, barn chores, in the rain, cleaning stalls, shopping, riding, walking xc courses. Everything! I can only find them in size 10 now. I guess they are not making them anymore. Any of the other Dublin boots do not even compare, most have crappy soles that Id walk right off.
So I’m on the hunt for another boot. :frowning: Id like pull on, but a zip might do too. Ive looked at the Blundstones and though over my ideal price they sound pretty good. Have also checked out some of the ariat boots inlcuding the Ariat Barnyard twin gore H2O boots in the pull on and side zip, the Ariat Terrain H2O Zip, and am even considering the Ariat Scout Zip. I used to wear the Ariat sport, the ones with the not leather uppers, like a nylonish material. they were comfy and lasted a while, but they are also not made anymore. Wondering if the Scout is as durable?
I do have wideish feet, and use wide stirrups so not too worried about boots being a bit on the clunky side. Comfort, durability, and ease of on and off are my main concerns. Would also like to keep the price as low as possible. I got spoiled getting my Venturers for like $65 Would be a shock to my wallet, (moreso my money conscious brain) to spend $155 on the blundstones, but if they will last and are comfy…
Recommendations? Any reviews from you guys about my above options. I’ll be heading to Dove this week to try some boots on.

I’ve been wearing the Ariat H20s for the last 7-8 years for work daily and love them. I can get a couple years out of a pair and they wear well. They do keep my feet dry- I notice it mainly when working in dewy pastures. I don’t get the kind with the zipper as I feel like it is just more moving parts to break.

I just got a pair of the Ariat Barnyard twin gore boots back in October (scored a deal on ebay from someone who didn’t like the way they fit…they are roomy).

I LOVE THEM. I like the slightly wider feel. They are waterproof (yes, I’ve tested them thoroughly). While slightly clunky, they easily fit in my regular stirrups. Very easy on/off.

I can’t comment on the durability, but so far, so good.

Hope this helps!

I had the zip-us barnyard and agree they have a wider feel. For me, it was a bit too boxy-- I felt like I had to wear thicker socks otherwise my foot moved around too much (and I don’t have narrow feet), and they got hung up in my stirrups more than once. Good water resistance. The zipper didn’t hold up though-- failed after only one year. (And this is probably just me being uncoordinated: the angle of the zipper was funky, made it awkward to zip up b/c you have to pull a little sideways rather than straight up.

Which H2Os do you use the Heritage, the terrain, or the barnyard?

I know they’re not cheap but I love the Blundstones. Mine have lasted for years and they are so comfortable for walking as well as riding (originally designed as hiking boots). If you can’t find anything else you feel as good about, I’d bite the bullet and do the Blundstones. And you can find them on sale if you keep looking.

(And yes I know they’re not all made in Australia anymore but I’ve had the new ones and they still wear like iron and are very comfortable.)

I have had Blundstones in the past, and loved them, pricey as they are. Right now, I am wearing Clarks Muckers. They are waterproof, rubber soles, leather uppers with a zipper. They are proving to be good all around farm shoes. They will fit under my half chaps, too.

I like my Ariat Heritage H20’s just fine. I wear them all day; wash horses in them, and they hold up well. They will not polish up to a real shiny finish but I can live without that. I would say 10-12 people in my barn have them and we all agree these are perfectly good boots. Depending on where you shop they are anywhere between $100 and $115 or so.


I’m in the same boat - I love my Venturers (have 3 pairs of them), and I will cry when they finally fall apart. Unfortunately, I don’t think Blundstones feel the same at all. I had a pair previously, and they hurt my feet, while the V’s feel wonderful. I’m hoping that Dublin will come out with something similar in the near future. The Clarks sound like a good option, but I haven’t had any success with Ariats.

Finally made it to Dover to try on boots. I ended up going with the Ariat barnyard zips. The pullons pulled my socks too tight against my toes, and i think being pregnant with my belly growing I might have better luck bending to the side to zip than wrestling on pull ons. I did try the Blundstones too, and though I think they are a better quality boot, they were just not quite as comfortable and supportive. Thanks guys for your help!

Thanks for the followup. I’d like to just add my insane jealousy of those who live where there are tack stores where you can try boots on. Living in the boondocks sucks when it comes to shopping for things that you really, really have to try on.

Thanks for the followup. I’d like to just add my insane jealousy of those who live where there are tack stores where you can try boots on. Living in the boondocks sucks when it comes to shopping for things that you really, really have to try on.[/QUOTE]

Which is why I always made the trek to Rolex when I lived in Iowa!:slight_smile: What part of the state are you in?

Good point! I’m in east central-- not far from Iowa City.

My folks live in NJ, and I’ll be visiting there this spring, so maybe I’ll take a side-trip to Bevals.

If you are ever in the Ames/DM area, Tanglewood, Hawkeye Tack, and Western Edge used to have OK selections of boots to try on. I very much appreciate being within 30 minutes of several tack stores now!