Pumice for mud control?

Has anyone ever heard of using pumice, or done it? Someone I know is doing this. It is fairly fine, like coarse sand, and I’m wondering how it might hold up. Or work at all, compared to traditional products like sand, gravels, etc.
I’m going to have to ask where they even found it, let alone in bulk. Apparently they used it as their arena base also.

Can you get gravel screenings? Unlike sand type options it packs almost overnight, is inexpensive ( i paid $185 for a delivered dump truck load) and no matter how much rain I get it stays solid . No rocks so any horse walks on it comfortably until it packs down.

I realize it may not be available to all but I would at least find out. No risk of ingesting it like sand either.

I’d be worried that it is overly abrasive—could really shred hooves. And it’s very lightweight, floats and might just blow away. Is this the red rock from central Oregon they use on the roads? I’d stick to screenings or 1/4 minus gravel.

No this is gray, lightweight. I’d imagine it will be abrasive too, but not any more than angular sand or gravel.
I did find out they got it for free from the husbands employer. He’s in the nursery industry so that’s how they had access to so much of it.
I dunno. It’s an experiment for sure.

It’s great stuff for absorbing moisture and light enough it doesn’t sink. I used it for a walkway in my garden and don’t remember any craziness.

I’d install it again in a heart beat. It’s no more abrasive than bluestone.