Puppy leaking urine - normal?

Googling isn’t coming up with anything. 8 week old puppy leaks urine when napping or when playing really hard. Still has regular pees. Drinks plenty of water frequently.

She came home last night and will be getting a bath today, I’m very concerned about urine scalding.

We’ve never had a puppy before and not sure if this is normal or needs to go to a vet sooner rather than later.

Not normal. Needs to be screened for a UTI, which isn’t terribly uncommon in young dogs.


Agreed, especially puppy bitches.

Thanks folks!

Hard play can lead to excitement piddles when potty training but not coming out as they play. I can see where drinking excessive amounts of water can cause a young puppy to leak urine if sleeping soundly but I would really want the puppy checked out.


She’s cute, but I may be biased :wink:

Will definitely follow up with the vet. Again, thanks everyone!


Adorable puppy! Hope you find out why she’s peeing while sleeping. What breed is she?

Mom is a doodle, dad is a lab/retriever.

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She is cute! Let us know what the vet says.

Update - vet says infection after running a urine sample. Relieved to find a cause for the dribbles.

Thanks again!