Puppy not eating in new home

Admittedly I only brought this pup home yesterday but he hasn’t eaten anything in at least 16-18 hours. I am feeding the same brands, offered both canned and kibble, offered wet kibble. He has had at least a little water and has eliminated multiple times so not worried on that end.
I know a lot has changed in his little life quite suddenly, but when do I worry or start offering more tempting stuff (shredded boiled chicken comes to mind)?
Behavior seems normal, mostly snoozing with some bursts of play. Vet closed today but was already planning to call Monday for new pup checkup.

I personally wouldn’t worry for another day. Have you tried putting the pup in a crate with their normal food and going elsewhere totally out of sight? My newest one was so distracted by everyone and everything in his new home he was free fed in his crate the first 2 months. He had to eat in little bursts while he was alone or he couldn’t settle enough to do so.


Did you talk to the breeder? Maybe he is a picky eater anyway? I’d check that first; if he was a voracious eater and now is not, I would watch him carefully. If he’s a picky eater I wouldn’t really find this concerning.

If he otherwise seems ok, I would wait; and would not switch foods yet.

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Assuming pup is healthy & has no medical conditions…
I would offer the normal kibble in a crate or other out of the way area & leave pup alone for 15-20 minutes.
Then pull whatever food is left & wait until the next meal & do the same.
Which depending on age of pup, should be 2-3 meals a day. If a toy breed you could even offer 4 smaller meals a day, as they typically need help maintaining their blood sugar.

It’s extremely easy to create a very picky dog, by offering multiple foods & constantly changing them, any time pup doesn’t eat.


Thanks everybody! Guess he just needed more time to settle in. He has not “caught up” yet but did start eating and has had about 1 meal by early afternoon. Back off to dreamland :slight_smile:
Maybe interesting: the fosters said they left kibble and wet food out free choice 24/7 for the litter, so they didn’t know what each pup’s eating habits were :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Congratulations on your new puppy - please share his name and ? well just everything else !

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Of course, obligatory puppy photo! 8 weeks yesterday, mutt of unknown breeding. Got the chance to meet mama dog and she was small, maybe 30 lbs, white with brindle patches, very calm if not timid. She was of no discernible breed to me but the rescue tagged her as a mountain cur… I think the rescues do things like that to catch peoples’ attention. This pup’s feet are pretty small so not expecting a huge guy, maybe mom’s size or slightly larger. Appears to be some sort of hound.



Thank you - an adorable kid ! Enjoy and take a zillion pics - they grow up fast !

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I created a picky eater when I intervened too quickly with the older puppy I got 1 1/2 years ago. Now I am doomed to a life of chicken mixed with kibble! Thankfully she is a small dog so a bag of leg quarters lasts almost 2 weeks.

Glad your puppy is eating . I have usually left food out free choice for our dogs & puppies in the past until I had one who could not control themselves on intake. It is much easier.

ETA : He is absolutely adorable !!

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Your puppy’s eyebrows!! I LOVE THEM!!

you might double check with the rescue and find out what kind of bowl or plate they used for the food. Animals can be funny that way

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