Purchasing a show coat?

I wasn’t 100% sure where to put this thread so it goes here i guess.

In September I will be showing my PB Arabian gelding in the hunter pleasure division. I am looking for a show coat (preferably black) and some nice show breeches (preferably grey) Can you guys give me some suggestions? I am willing to spend money but I’m not spending 500$! Also another question, are all show coats made from polyester? (I’ve never shown) And my mom thinks that the polyester is shiny and will look cheap under the lights.

All answers greatly appreciated.

I just got some awesome grey breeches from FITS. I ride dressage, so I opted for the full-seat version, but I have a few friends who absolutely love the Megan knee patch breeches. I’ve always ridden in Kerrits and I plan to keep a few pairs, but I don’t think I’ll purchase anything other than FITS from here on out. I love the material because it’s stretchy, not too thin, and it keeps you cool. I also have trouble finding breeches that fit me and these fit perfectly! You should try Dover Saddlery or Smartpak - they always have them in stock.

As for show coats, I have some that are polyester/wool blend from a few years ago. I know soft shell show coats are pretty popular and the Zephyr jacket is supposed to be amazing and super breathable for summer. I hope this helps!!

Hunter pleasure at an Arabian show? You definitely do not have to get black, and black would be rather boring compared to what most people wear. In the Arabian ring you can wear pretty much whatever you want, here are pics from Arabian Nationals http://www.ferraraphoto.com/13USN/2133/index.htm, you can see most people are in blue or brown of some shade. Quality show coats are made of wool. Also an important note is the style of hunt coat seen on riders at Arabian shows is longer (and IMO more flattering) than what is currently popular with hunter over fences riders. For breeches get the Tailored Sportsmen side zip ones, and be careful with low rise ones, if your shirt is visible between your breeches and coat that is a big fashion faux pas. There are several consignment shops that sell used hunt coats: