Purina Omega Match

Has anyone tried this new ration balancer from Purina? Opinions?

I am interested to hear this as well. I have been considering it.

I have not tried it personally, but on another internet thread, I saw that a few users were disappointed with it, their horses lost topline/overall condition. I

Have not tried it but am considering it for my horse with a sensitive GI tract. The purina rep we spoke to said one of it’s main advantages was the controlled ingredients list, which could be helpful to a horse with food sensitivities. Curious to hear if anyone else has tried it.

I find this hysterical coming from a company that is notorious for non-fixed ingredient formulas. Yes, they are right fixed ingredient formulas are very important for horses who have known food issues. I get it that regional formulas can vary a bit and they can keep the exact same label at the national level. But I for one want to know exactly what’s in what I’m feeding.

Re the Omega Match - like anything, it’s great for some horses, and will be terrible for others. In a FB group I’m in there have been several people whose horses are doing very, very well on this - no soy, higher Omega 3, and it fits what they need. It’s not a fit for every horse

I think this was explained( and quite well) in the revived Strategy thread from Feb 2012 ?

They don’t change any ingredient but just adjust the amount to keep it consistent due to how the ingredients vary load by load?

Difference scenarios. You can have fixed-ingredient formulas that aren’t fixed formulas. Meaning, it’s all the same ingredients, but the amounts can change . A fixed formula is same ingredients in the same amounts - how to make This Chocolate Cake the same every time.

Since the quality of the ingredients can vary from load to load how can they keep it consistent in quality and nutrients if they just put the same amount in every time no matter what? I am not arguing( being difficult) just asking.

I bake a lot and while everything tastes good it rarely comes out the same way twice!!

I can only speak directly about TC since I have toured one of their (outsourced) facilities near me (a Purina mill), as part of something TC put on They have a fairly strict range of variation their main ingredients can have for nutrient profile. Oats for example have be within a certain range of weight per bushel and min/max profile, soybean meal has to fit a certain min/max profile, etc. That lets them fit the min/max GA by their testing. So they’re not just saying “hey, you got oats over there? I’ll take 500 tons” (or whatever) They have certain suppliers (for each region if applicable) who have to essentially apply to see if they can provide what’s required.

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