Purina Outlast and Tribute Constant Comfort

Has anyone switched from Purina Outlast Gastric Supplement to Tribute Constant Comfort ? Results? The Tribute product is about $10 cheaper in my area.

There are a few other threads on this :slight_smile:
Search results for ‘constant comfort’ - Chronicle Forums (chronofhorse.com)

I realize that. I started one of those threads but have not gotten any answers.

I see now that you started both of them.

You’re not getting answers because it hasn’t been out long, much less have any real number of people switching. It might just be more helpful to bump up an older one every now and then - the visibility will be the same

I can only say that the only person I know who has switched 4 horses from Outlast to the CC pellets, has 3 horses who are still happy and 1 who isn’t.

Meaning - all you can do is switch and see