Purses for leather snobs?

Horse people touch saddles, boots, and lovely strap goods daily. I know how long a quality leather object can last with proper care. A $300 purse in a department store is made of garbage coated leather at best, and more likely some form of plastic.

Where can I find a nice leather handbag? I’ll spend more if that’s the problem. But there has to be someone who makes a proper purse with straps as nice as a pair of reins. Right?!?

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You did say snob, so here goes. I have a butter soft, Prada purse I bought 10 years ago in Milan. I have never felt anything so soft. It will scuff and stain easily, so I assume that is why the general public has demanded the hard finishes that feel like plastic. I just clean and condition it like my bridles. Following as I have been looking for another purse with leather that soft ever since,


Roma leather purses. I got one as a concealed carry purse and it was more affordable than those designer bags. So functional with pockets. The leather is soft. Not buttery soft to touch, but flexible and nice to work with. I have been more than happy with the way it has held up.

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Vintage Coach bags.


Hermes. Very expensive though.https://www.hermes.com/us/en/category/women/bags-and-small-leather-goods/bags-and-clutches/#||Category

Coach https://www.coach.com/shop/women-handbags

I buy vintage Coach bags on eBay. I’ve got some beautiful ones. Amazing leather, perfect condition and a fraction of their original retail price.


Love my Tucker Tweed Equestrian bags! Great quality.


I have not loved the Coach bags I’ve seen in their brand store. The one I owned has the edges of the handle peel off and started shedding threads from the (clearly not leather) handle.
The Hermès look delicious but I need something bigger to carry my matronly volume of crap.

@Bogie Do you think maybe the vintage bags are better quality? Seems like coach has a pop culture up tick in the last couple of decades, but it’s completely possible I just never noticed before.

Now we’re talking! You own these and are happy with the quality?

I have the wristlets since I don’t carry a large bag, but I love them. I was even thinking the other day how much better quality the zipper is. Sounds silly, buy I really like it!

I’m not familiar with the new Coach bags, had one 20 years ago maybe? It was very nice. Perhaps (like so many other things) the quality has suffered lately.

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I think every tall boot owner can agree that zipper quality is paramount!

Not sure if it’s the same caliber as coach or Prada but in my estimation the purses I’ve bought from the big names in the last 10 years have been less than stellar. This brand is American made and very horsey


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I love the vachetta leather coach bags. They are the “higher end” leather and they are thick and supple. But I do think the older ones are nicer. I’ve bought all mine for well under $100. You just can’t be in a hurry. Some of the bags don’t even look like they were ever used. There are some nice older Dooney bags, too, but I like the leather on the Coach bags best.

I love Patricia Nash. Had a Gucci bag given as a gift and it was lovely but bein’ a horse gal, Patricia Nash is really who I am.

If you want something to match your saddle, Ryder makes purses. I have not seen them in person yet. https://www.rydersaddles.com/life-style

Yes, I would go for the vintage bags in the classic designs and leather types. As mentioned above, they can be had on eBay in like new condition for not much money.

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I have Dooney and Bourke bags that are well over 30 years old and still going strong. I love their pebble grain leather and they aren’t ridiculously expensive.

I recently bought a Marc Jacobs cross over bag that I love and the leather is similar to Dooney and Bourke. I also have a Vince Camuto bag that will probably outlast me. None of these bags will set you back all that much.


I have two newer Coach bags that I like, but one is much nicer leather. I’m not educated enough about them to know if one is a different “line/model” but it’s a marked difference between the two.

I have a collection of English shooting/cartridge/game bags that are over 30 years old and only improve with age. I acquired them in country saddlers/tack shops in the UK. They could likely be used by several generations and are delightful to the hand. No designer prices either.
They are similar to these.

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