QH bloodlines, health issues?

Hi! I grew up with quarter horses and paints but for most of my adult life I’ve dealt with Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods.

I’m currently looking at a quarter horse to buy and will be vetting him in a few days. I was curious about his bloodlines and if there was anything I should especially look into a little more deeply besides a blood panel for the usual Herda/PSSM/HYPP stuff. I’ve been through heartbreak after losing my young TB to wobblers. I want to be a thorough as I can.

The horse I’m looking at is Doc Bar bred on top and Dash for Cash Bred on the bottom. Any known health issues in these lines that I need to look out for? He looks like a solid type, good feet, good bone. Cute mover.

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I think those are good lines, personally. What is your intended use for him? I like racing lines crossed with cutters/cow sense.

I think the QH breeders on the whole after the whole Impressive/HYPP saga have done a decent job of testing everything and keeping up to date with genetic diseases. What is this horse’s pedigree beyond Doc Bar and Dash for Cash? What kind of inbreeding coefficient does he have?

Get the vet check and remember that in the end, you don’t ride the bloodlines - you ride the horse in front of you. But I am sorry to hear about your young TB with wobblers - that kind of thing is heartbreaking and makes one a bit gun shy on the next purchase. Good luck!


Don’t laugh, my intended plans are Dressage and of course cross training with whatever he enjoys. He has a great canter. And back in the day I trained with someone who went Grand Prix with a Quarter Horse. And I know others who have done the same :slight_smile:

He seems healthy and sound to me. He’s a fun guy. My biggest concern is any PSSM popping up later on. But now my vet is telling me that we would mostly need to test for PSSM2 which is just not going to happen in a PPE.

As far as inbreeding, I think the most inbreeding he has is Three Bars on both sides, only once though. No other inbreeding than I have seen looking at the papers and digging a bit farther back.

And thank you I’m definitely a bit gunshy although I think I have a good feeling about this guy. Either way we both be vetting pretty heavily.


No worries, you won’t get judgement from me! I have seen QHs excel in the 4’ jumpers and in eventing. What a fun project!

Three Bars should be pretty far back - not within 5-6 generations? I think you should be fine. Good luck and how exciting!


Yep! So I don’t think there is much inbreeding to worry about. although I’m not an AQHA member so I guess I can’t look as deeply as some. Unless they post them on pedigree query like they do the thoroughbreds? I’ll check

Thanks! Fingers crossed the vetting goes well!

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If it’s on pedigree query post his pedigree! I think a lot is on there… if this specific horse is not, look up his sire & dam.

I always love talking about bloodlines. :grinning:

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Do you have a copy of his papers to see if he has been 5 panel tested? If he hasn’t and you have a copy, give AQHA a call.

I am a long time quarter horse person, and in looking for a horse in the past year, I have come across horses that didn’t have things like HYPP status on the papers. A quick call to AQHA was extremely helpful and they were great to deal with!


It’s not in pedigree query. But I his dam us BJH Little Maggie. Sure is Last Hickory Lynx.

I have a photo of the papers but I don’t see anything about his status on there. Would it be on the front or back of the papers? I’m vetting him tomorrow so I will ask to see them

AQHA can provide information on health issues that can help you rule out whether or not a horse is a candidate to inherit them.

The papers should be marked on the back, if I recall correctly.


Yeah I would give AQHA a call, not sure if you have to be a member or not (probably?) but they are very helpful.

The sire is lovely :

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Have you tried the All Breed pedigree query database? It’s set up just like the TB Pedigree Query site.https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/

He’s not on there. But that doesn’t show recorded health issues does it?

Anyways, he is registered. His five panel came back negative and I bought him on a good PPE.


All Breed Pedigree will not list things like 5 panel testing, and even if it did, there is no guarantee it would be accurate, as the information is entered by the person holding the papers.

AQHA should be glad to answer questions on any registered horse. The only time I have been asked about membership is when getting information that requires payment.

Congratulations on your new horse @Lunabear1988!


Would love to see a picture of him!!

Just a word of warning…I have had Three Bars line bred horses, and I would be suspicous of navicular/IR. Just saying.

Hi, I updated but already bought the horse after an extremely thorough PPE. All his feet x-rays looked great but will keep that in mind.

I’ve had a few three bars bred horses and I’m over had an issue with any of them thankfully. I can’t remember if they were line bred though.

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My horse has Dash for Cash via his dam sire Frisco Flare.

Enjoy your horse :grinning:

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