QH Pedigree Analysis

Hi! Could anyone take a look at this QH pedigree and tell me what they think? I’m an English rider and QH pedigrees are far out of my scope! What is she bred for?

Not sure she was bred for any one discipline, if that is what you mean?
Kind of nondescript, someone just had some older breeding they kept repeating, without concern to proven horses for any one task.
Have to go far back to find any proven breeding stock and that is a mixture of some racing and ranch lines, with a bit of very nice performance ones added to the mix.
With horses bred like that, you can’t go much by what the breeding may indicate, unlike more close-up proven breeding.
You train and let the horse determine what it will be best for works well with horses bred like that.
It is good for a breed to have horses that are more all arounders, those genes are appreciated for that, as those of more specialized lines are, for intended specialized tasks.
There is nothing there that points to soundness or temperament problems.
All good, solid lines as far as that is concern.

The downside as a breeder, your market is strongest for the horses bred for specialization and to the best lines for that, be it racing, showing, cutting, etc. as those will give you a bigger percentage of those individuals that will be good, a few great for that task.

I would enjoy a horse bred like that for less specialized disciplines.
As an 8, almost 9 year old, you should by now have a mature, well trained horse you can evaluate.
No need to look at the pedigree to see what it may have inherited of all those different lines.
Do a bit of what the horse can do and trains well for and everyone will be happy.


This is a wonderful answer, thank you! I worded it that way because I see a lot of people talking about racing lines vs barrel lines vs halter, etc. She’s green, just started, which I’m okay with since I know she’s definitely done growing now, and she’s quite cute. I appreciate your insight!!


Agree with Bluey. Nothing that I recognize at all, and on allbreedpedigree there isn’t any information on most of the horses. Anything recognizable it really far back.

Now, you made a big mistake … you didn’t give us a PICTURE of said horse!

But enjoy the horse in front of you. If you don’t have any specific plans for her, the papers really don’t matter.


@Bluey said most of it! Foundation bred and she goes back to all the greats (way back). This one is bred to use. Ranch work, cow work, whatever. She should be no shrinking violet, be biddable and have good bone and a solid foot. Probably not really tall, but an efficient mover, adaptable and sensible. She should be athletic, cat quick and versatile. That is what her bloodlines say to me. Now, what she actually is, who knows. Bloodlines are just a guide, many times as dependable as your horoscope.

I love looking a bloodlines compared to an adult horse, you can see what matches up. Then you have the “me” factor that makes every horse “themselves”

Many times I look at a pedigree to give me an idea of traits I want to see or find undesirable. My new horse had bloodlines that were “fashionable” for a HUS /Pleasure horse. I want the good brain of his Grandsire and the movement of his dam sire. He had both, he also had the narrow chest and straight pastern of his TB lineage. His brain, demeanor and resume won and he came home with me.

It is fun to research the bloodlines, but we want pictures!

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Thanks guys!! She’s for sale which is why I was asking- these are the photos from her ad! I think she’s quite cute.

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She does look like she would be a useful sort. What are you planning on doing with her?

Lol, she does look like the useful sort! Cutie! I bet she would be a lot of fun and could do a lot of different events. I would think Ranch horse, working equitation or maybe some eventing. Fun! I hope you decide to get her.

Nothing fancy for me! Riding kind of hurts my body after a while lol. Primarily trail riding, maybe a little bit of jumping (because I’m a hunter jumper born and raised and you couldn’t beat it out of me if you tried!!), and I’ve always been curious to dabble in cutting and WP. So many different things, I know haha. But like I said, just dabbling! So mainly trail riding and being a friend. Ponying babies and teaching my SO to ride would be a plus LOL!

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Looks like she’d be a good one for you if she’s smooth gaited. Hopefully if she can walk over fire she’s quiet on the trails. IME most QH types are great for small fences too. The horse I’m on in my avatar was really nice over fences, not as dependable on trails. Now she’s retired, I’m riding a 17 hand off the track Standardbred who I call my all terrain vehicle. He’s amazing on the trails! I’m also thankful for my helmet, since he’s so tall and I’m5’8". :wink: I end up ducking a lot!

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Haha yeah my current horse is a 17 hand Cleveland Bay who was ridden hard in the arena all her life so she was always unpredictable and sour on the trail. I tried hard but she never liked em! She’s retired now, and I’d love something with a bit more of an open mind… :grin:

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If you have not bought your next horse yet, since you seem to have a specific job for one, trail riding the main one, maybe it would make more sense to look for a horse that is already good at that, not a green older horse that needs serious training before being all you seem to want in one?

With a horse like her as she is now, you won’t know what you will have until she has been trained further, which may just be fine also.

Each one is looking for what will work for them and maybe a green prospect is what you also want?