Qualifying for AQHA World Show

I’ve found the qualifying points on AQHA’s website, but I’m curious. What happens when you qualify? Do I personally have to keep track of it? Will AQHA tell me when I’ve qualified? Do I get anything for qualifying?

If memory serves (not that I’ve ever qualified for anything just based on years of reading the interwebs) you’ll receive your notification/entry form in the mail. AQHA definitely tracks it.

ETA good luck! If I ever qualified I’d be framing what was sent. :wink:

If you check your horse’s name on the AQHA web site, under records/performance, it will show if it qualified, for what and when.

AQHA send letters and entry forms at the end of the qualifying season. So even if you qualify a month into the season, you won’t get a letter until after it is finished.

I always keep track myself so I know where I am. And you can look up on AQHA website the number of points you have that count towards the current world show qualifying period.

Then aqha sends out 3 different mailings. (For am and open world. I don’t know about youth or select ). End of July or early August they send out the first group usually those done in May. Then a couple of weeks later they send out entries to the classes done in June/July. Then the next week they send out the state invites

Yep they defiantly send a qualifying packet it the mail, if you qualify in level 2 or 3. Congrats for qualifying