Quarter Horse people who jump I need contacts

I love the idea of buying my 12 year old a quarter horse to take on the hunter/jumper circuit. We recently bought a reiner for our other daughter who rides western. He has the best brain ever and i’d love to find him in a hunter/jumper form. Does anyone have any connections or trainers who may have AQHA’s suitable for the hunter/jumper world I could contact? There does not appear to be too much online so it definitely appears to be you must contact trainers directly. Any leads would be fantastic! TIA!

nothing helpful but you sound just like most of our kids’ friends parents who had a specific horse for a specific discipline or they sold the horse when the child changed or ventured into a new activity.

We just bought more tack.

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What part of the country are you?
Have you asked your reining trainer?
There are several top reining barns that also train for other, like English type performances.

West Coast but willing to travel. I did ask my reining trainer and she had no idea.

Not exactly sure what the first post is commenting. I’ve been riding for 40 years and my daughter who does hunters has been leasing for the past 5. I just like the idea of a QH brain instead of going the warmblood route. I have no connections in the QH jumping world and was looking for leads. TIA


Maybe someone from the West Coast can chime in with some names for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are several good AQHA trainers who specialize in jumping. Chuck Briggs, Lainie Deboer, Ryan Painter, Jessica Johnson off the top of my head.

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Karen Banister of White Harvest Farm in Colorado.

You might consider an Appendix. They have always been popular on the h/j circuit. They tend to have the size, stride, and angles that are less desirable for the AQHA venues.


OP - sent you a PM.

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