Queens, NY Hunter rider ISO opportunities on LI to show sale horses on a budget

Im a 36 year old 5’7 tall, petite Hunter rider living in Queens, NY (riding since age 5)… without my own horse, seeking opportunities on Long Island, NY to show in the Hampton Classic and some other shows building up to that. I just bought my first home, so I cannot afford to buy or lease a horse for a while. Seeking economical opportunities. Because I live in Queens, the days I can ride are limited due to my location. Trying to fulfill a dream here… If anyone has any advice for me on where to ride or who to contact, I would be very interested. TIA

Try Off Course Forum -Horseless Riders and Riderless Horses.

Are you looking to have someone foot the bill for this? Or just provide the horse- ie. you pay board and show fees? Like a free lease?

If you’re currently riding, does your trainer have any contacts? Or have you not ridden in a few years? Hunter? Jumper? What height?

You may need to tailor your goal a bit. Any horse of the quality to go show the Hampton Classic is going to have a fairly hefty lease fee attached to it. And if it’s a sale horse of the quality to go show the Hampton Classic I would imagine the owner is putting smart professional show miles on it, or at least pairing it with a jr/am that has proven themselves to be capable & competitive at that level.

Not that this goal is wholly unattainable, but I think you will have to put in a few years proving yourself at those “lead up” shows before someone hands you their $$$ investment to go play with at one of the most visible shows in the country. If you are a total unknown and approaching various trainers with this idea, I would leave HC out of it for now. You will still have many years to fulfill that dream.

Or maybe you mean HC Local Day? That would make more sense.

I’m from Long Island and can give you some good recommendations… There are a lot of nice barns and horses in the area, but honestly nothing free for a quality show horse…if you are interested PM me I’d be happy to send info.

Unless you are Tori Colvin or close to it, I would begin by looking for a job teaching beginner lessons. Then perhaps work your way into hacking some horses and building relationships with a reputable trainer and barn. But to show sale horses at the Hampton Classic, there will be a long line of people ahead of you. Many of them will be pro riders or amazing junior riders who are already paying to train with a given trainer. For what it is worth, the number one thing I hear trainers complain about is that working students don’t want to do the grunt work and just want to ride and show.