Question about a bit for dressage

My very picky and opinionated mare has decided she likes a loose ring rubber bit with a lozenge in the middle. I know a lozenge is legal and I know a rubber bit is legal but where the annex mentions rubber bits it mentions a single jointed rubber bit. Does anyone know if a double jointed rubber bit is legal? I want to assume it is since rubber and double jointed are legal but with the annex specifically mentioning single jointed in relation to the rubber I would like to double check.

The last page of Annex 1 says

2.d. “Snaffles can be made of metal, flexible rubber or synthetic, or plastic or leather material”

That applies to all the legal types of snaffles.

In the rulebook itself- EV115 Saddlery 2 Dressage Test .c

“A rounded snaffle bit made of metal, leather, rubber, or plastic material is permitted for all tests and may be covered with rubber/latex.”

So, yes, a double jointed rubber bit is legal for Eventing Dressage.

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Perfect, that is how I interpreted that part but just wanted to double check. It would not have surprised me that she would prefer a bit just outside of the rules!

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