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Question about blocking

If I block someone and then I start a thread, are they able to see that thread and comments other people post on it? Or is the whole thing invisible to them?

I believe that when you ignore someone, it only stops YOU from seeing THEIR posts. They can still see your posts (unless they also have chosen to ignore you in return). I don’t think this software has an actual block feature. (Even if it did, most of the forums are public so the person could just log out and still read your post unless it was in one of the handful of members-only forums like Off Topic or Current Events.)


Thanks for the explanation. I have now put the poster on ignore for a few months.

@furlong47 is correct. Ignore hides their posts from you and blocks any of their tags or PMs to you. Mute just hide their posts. There is no feature that you can activate that affects what they can see of yours.

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