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Question about horse show class names

I apologize if this is a dumb question…but since I began riding as an adult and never was in a horse show as a child, I’ve always been curious about the distinction between pre-children’s/ children’s/ juniors in hunters, jumpers, and equitation. What is the difference in terms of kids’ ages, eligibility, and fence height?

Could you all help me out so I don’t make a total fool of myself when I engage in horse show talk with the (mostly) high school kids at my barn? :slight_smile:

Usually for horses, pre-children’s is 2’6", children’s is 3’, and juniors is 3’6". Age just has to be a junior so 17 and under. Eligibility and cross-entering rules can vary by area. Any junior can show in them but sometimes you can’t cross-enter between the divisions at the same show (sometimes you can, sometimes only if you are on a different horse…the show bills usually specify).

Thanks! So the difference is just in terms of heights?

yes, difference is height. Height of the divisions can vary by show though (as can the names). I started riding as an adult as well about 7 years ago, its taken awhile to understand all the weird things in the horse world! :wink:

Something I always like doing even if I’m not attending a show is reading the premiums (you can usually find these online). Gets your familiar with all the offerings each show has, as well as the divisions and heights.

At least out here pre-Childrens and pre-Adult are both 2’6" but pre adult is 18 and over and pre childrens is 17 and younger; junior are higher heights 17 and under.