Question about Stubben Saddles

I’ve been doing some research on Stubben saddles, as it seems to be one of the only brands that fit my Thoroughbred fairly well. I was shopping on ebay and noticed that some models of stubbens feature a brass cantle plate with the Stubben name on it. I know that the really old Stubbens don’t have one, but does anyone know approximately what year Stubben began putting the cantle plates on their saddles? I was hoping to buy a saddle that was made from 1996 or newer (I can’t afford a brand new Stubben) and found one that has the stubben cantle plate, but I didn’t want to buy it if it was older than a 1996 model. I searched google for the year Stubben started making saddles with the plates, but I can’t find the answer anywhere and was hoping maybe someone with more knowledge of the brand can help me out? Thanks.

If the pictures show a serial number, you might be able to email the factory for that info. I know you can do that for Passiers and Kieffers.

we have a pre 80s Stubben with the brass logo… complete with suede flaps and pancake seat!

i think it is more model specific over year.

that being said what is your budget? Stubben just had their summer sale, it might still be up but you can snap up some good deals… as in $800-1100 deals.