Question/Concern regarding Saturday at Rolex!!

I am most likely just poorly using the internet, but does anyone know if it is still possible to get tickets for Rolex XC day?

A friend and I have recently decided to make the drive down for the day- but the website is a bit unclear on whether or not we can still get tickets for Saturday.
In the event that attending is still an option for us, do we have to purchase tickets for Saturday online, or are they available at the horse park?!

<3 Rolex Rookie!

Yes, they do not limit tickets on XC day. You just need a grounds ticket. Just bring a machete if you plan on doing any shopping.

You can purchase your ticket at the park; no need to buy one online. There is no limit on Saturday as there is no reserved seating. Get there early to get a good parking spot and pack plenty of drinks and snacks. Lines are long at lunch time!

There is no lunch break this year although most people tend to eat at the same time so try eating later or earlier.