Question for those with Closed Motor Stall Fans

I just purchased the maxxair wall mount fan and am hanging it on my stall doors. I’ve noticed that the motor is hot to touch after a short while…is this normal? I worry that it will catch on fiire, but I see that a lot of people have these types of fans and they are supposed to be safer than the box fans. I actually threw an old fan away because I could barely touch the motor after it ran for several hours.

Just want to make sure my fan is not faulty

yes, this type of motor often have internal circuit breakers that are heat sensitive …if overheated the unit normally will shut down

The surface temperature of a continuously (and correctly) operating general purpose industrial electric motor will easily be 80 C (176 F) and perhaps as high as 100 C (212 F)

Look at you paperwork… is the fan UL/CSA or ETL tested listed? …IF not take it back

Thank you! The paperwork is in the barn so will check but I remember it saying it was Thermal protected? Will look when I go feed this morning.

just make sure the electrical products used in the US do carry a valid UL Testing or equivalent label (CSA or ETL) (European is CE)

Even if the product’s paperwork has an imprint of a testing there should be a testing number with the label or class of testing

However some manufactures bypass the test and counterfeit a testing label

more than one Chinese manufacturer just make up their own label… so it does onewell to verify just who makes the product

  • The manufacturer is making a “self-declaration” claim that has not been verified by an independent third party such as UL, and the product would not be considered to be ‘Listed” as defined in NFPA or ICC model codes.

thanks… these seem to be good

The closed motor fans I have don’t seem to get hot. I think I would be concerned about that.

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