is there anyone out there who could look at a ride of me and give me some tips? (Are there any websites I dont know about that does that) If anyone is interested, dm my instagram is horselover1390, <3 looking for constructive criticism, please be kind <3

Can you post a direct link? I think
Most people here are very kind in their input.

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A link to my account?

To the video

oh, i dont have the video posted, i was going to dm it to people if they wanted to critique!<3

Probably best to post it on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube and link to it. If you want a critique. Do you have a trainer who you value their input ?

awh, ok, im just not comfortable uploading so that the internet can see

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Facebook and YouTube allow you to upload it so that only you can see it, and anyone you send a link to. I.e. it is not publicly available.

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