Random Question about tests: In the process of getting my bronze and noticed that shows offer test of choice as well as the three tests at each level. I recently saw that a rider had ridden the same third level test twice once in the class and once as a toc. They were in two different rings and with two different judges. Both scores counts towards medals I presume as long as they are 60% or higher or am I incorrect? Many thanks.

That is correct, both will count. Medal scores for a level only have to be two different rides, for two different judges. They do not have to be at different shows.

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Yup, I did it to ride I1 twice in one day and try get both my scores for that level (can’t remember if I actually did or not). You do have to check the score lookup because they sometimes leave TOC out of the summaries.

Yes, it’s in the USDF member guide. I can’t find a pdf version, but you can view it online at -

It specifically says “including ToC” in the medals section.

Thanks for the swift replies.

Yes. I don’t ride two tests in one day, unless one goes belly up. We had a bad go of a PSG a few years back due to a truck spooking the horse while we circled the ring. I saluted out, and filled a scratch in the TOC class later doing the same test.