Questionable Google Ad

This popped up whilst I was reading the NYT.
I had to look at it twice to see if it was a joke or not. What the everlasting gobstopper was going through this person (or persons) brain/s when they picked that photo to represent a high level of horse and rider safety.


LOL I went to the website which presumably paid for this ad and If I were them, I would be spitting mad at their SEO / google ad person. They appear to be a reputable Australian company that build barns, stalls, horse walkers etc but they really need to talk with their outsourced marketing person!


At least the pony is well fed.


I can only think the person who chose that picture knows absolutely nothing about horses beyond “OMG tiny pony SOOOO cute this is good pic!!!” Either that or there’s an employee who indulged in illegal narcotics while on the clock.

One too many shrooms…

What happens when you outsource your web design/advertising to someone who knows zip about your business and didn’t bother to ask.

Pony is cute but not quite what we’re aiming for…

Hopefully an accident, but maybe not?? We’re all talking about it after all :wink: