Questions on this pedigree Cornet & Ramiro

I’m currently vetting a young horse by Cornet out of a Ramiro mare - it is super cute and very sweet, very refined. Can anyone tell me more about this breeding? TIA!

Can you share the full pedigree? I’m assuming by Cornet you mean Cornet Obolensky. Ramiro Z or Ramiro B?

Cornet Obolensky x Ramiro Z has been a successful “nick” with famous outcomes being Conte Bellini and Comme il Faut. I believe Arnaud Evain called it an “ice and fire” cross with a lot of extreme characteristics mixed together, so as a breeder you would potentially be gambling with what you were going to produce characteristic wise but with the horse in front of you, you’ll be able to judge that for yourself.

Cornet Obolensky himself was quite difficult with a “strong character” but his offspring seem to be much easier than he was and he has been very successful as a sire. He is currently 14th on the WBFSH jumping sire ranking list, down 6 from last year, (and Comme il Faut is 16th, up 4 from last year).

Ramiro Z was one of the Zangersheide founding sires was hugely influential to Dutch breeding as well. He is known as a great broodmare sire, although was not necessarily a great sire of sires. He had a very good jump and an excellent canter and was the sire of the great Ratina Z.


Thank you! Cornet Obolensky and a Ramiro Z/Odyssee de Frameries mare

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Very nice all around! Please update if you get him or her, good luck with the vetting!

Vetting is done and he’s on a flight to the US next week. We’re very excited - he’s young and green but seems to have a very good brain and work ethic.

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Congratulations, how exciting!!

He has arrived at our barn finally! A bit of a long trip but he had a nice layover with a friend in the Northeast and a few extra days at the layover barn in Texas but he seems to have traveled well. Didn’t lose too much weight and seems to be settling in well in his new home. So far, a very good and sweet boy.