Quick connect 3-point hitch for tractor

So I’m really, really tired of fighting with my bushog and decided to buy a quick connect hitch for my tractor. The Kubota dealership has a LandPride hitch for $650. But I can order one from Tractor Supply for less than half that.

This isn’t going to get weekly use, so it doesn’t need to be indestructible, but can anyone speak to the relative quality of the LandPride brand versus the less expensive versions? Basically, is there a reason I should spend $350 more?

I can’t help much with this, but I will share the sprayer equipment I’ve gotten from TSC did not hold up well. The pump self destructed in a month.

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Can’t speak to those brands…but we have the JD quick connect hitch and it was the best thing we’ve added! Super easy to hook up the arena drag…so the quick connect is definitely worth it. Sorry I can’t add any thoughts on the specific brands you are considering though.

I’ve used the Pat’s Easy Change for years. Way cheaper than $650, and I use it with 3 different implements: arena harrow, mower, and seed spreader.


Yup that’s what I have too. It’s around $200 on Amazon, where you can also buy replacement stabilizer bars when your husband accidentally bends one. :innocent:

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we have Pats easy change arm bolt-on pieces too and it works pretty well. i would not buy the rod that holds the arms " the proper distance apart", it was wasted money. Only used it once, bent it. Just got in the way of hitching.

Husband got me a quick hitch, but it was a bear to get the PTOs on and off, reaching thru the quick hitch. Same with a friend of ours using her quick hitch. A real struggle to get the PTO correctly on, clicked tight, or off to remove the implement. I sold mine a couple weeks ago.

Cheap might be Harbor Freight, they weren’t even $150 when I was checking for pricing mine to sell. Looked exactly like mine, which was solid, well built.

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I’m another fan of the Pat’s Easy Change. It works very well and you can’t beat it for the price.

So many votes for the Pat’s Easy Change! We bought one and plan to install it on the tractor this weekend. Thanks everyone!

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