Quick guide to electric fence posts wanted

I just found out that for the 6-day clinic I’m going to in a week, that the regular setup, a stall with a big overhang area and a paddock beyond that, has a lot of grass in the paddocks. My mare cannot be out on grass for more than about 30 minutes a day. It is possible to run an electric fence across the area to separate the stall and overhang (a roughly 40 by 25 foot area, with a 10 by 10 stall in one corner) from the rest of the paddock (which is ~200 feet long.) The mare grew up with electric fencing and respects it as long as it is hot. The farm has the electro braid, but I would need to supply fence posts. (I don’t think I’d need to supply a charger, but I do have a solar-powered one I could bring just in case.)

The alternative is a stall in the barn, but she’s old and needs to be able to stretch her legs, plus she might be alone in the barn.

Any quick tips? I need to buy locally, or order from Amazon quickly (I’d rather buy locally. I’m in eastern Massachusetts.)

Plastic step-in T-posts should work? If the tape of any sort is tight the posts and tape will support each other.


Great, thank you!

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They’re out of stock so this won’t help, but a 50’ section of Premier1 Horse Quik Fence sounds perfect for this job.

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I second plastic step-in posts. If they already have electrobraid, you can just tie in to the already hot fence - you can even connect your strands to theirs with zip ties in a pinch, just make sure their fence is off before connecting yours :rofl:

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Thanks. Apparently they have plenty of electro braid; the paddock my mare will be in has it run along the fence to discourage horses that will push fences. It’s also where they would put a stallion. So it’s kind of the “special cases” AKA PITA paddock.