Quick Question- Trainers That Stay Up North?

Hey all! I don’t mean to be the type of person who just comes on here to ask a question and then leave, but I am afraid I am. I promise to make it quick!
I am looking to advance into larger, more competitive shows and am therefore looking & taking recommendations for any trainers in the NoVa area who are a show barn with experience in the jumpers and eq. Here’s the catch- they have to stay in the area during the winter months as I am unable to travel down south this winter. I know most of the show barns do travel to the south, so maybe I am asking too much? Anyways, I would greatly appreciate anyone’s knowledge. I am aware of the costs of moving up and everything too. Thanks so much in advance! :slight_smile:

The Barracks in Charlottesville stays north for the winter. They would be your best bet that I know of, but it’s not really northern Virginia, I know!

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What is wrong with coming here to ask a question? In any case, there is not a lot going on in the true NoVA area (Arlington, Alexandria, etc.). Some barns have groups of clients that do not go South or to Ohio, etc. even if some clients do (that is the case at Lohman Stables and Rolling Acres–both in MD, but with clients in NoVA, Georgetown, NW DC). Don’t assume that all clients in a barn all do the same thing: some just don’t want to or don’t have the money!

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We stay local at Acorn Hill in Madison.

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“Show barn” kind of leaves a lot open to interpretation, but…

Assuming you are already somewhat familiar with names in the area, I would go on horseshowsonline and look up the trainer listings for 2018 or 2019 shows at The Barracks, Stonewall, Swan Lake, and Lexington. While I think there are a lot of trainers in the area who might head to Florida/Gulfport or WEC for a few weeks here and there, these listings would give you some idea of who stays closer to home during the winter months.

I think another good question would be: what show barns have trainers/programs that stay even when some of the barn does go south? Many of the programs I know have a trainer who will stay with those of us schleps who can’t go to FL for the winter. That’s a sweet spot IMO, the quality that travels, but the option not to.

A few of us are staying north this year. Whether we can get anything done, indoor or no, is many times up to the weather.