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Quit Kick Water Squirter?

Does anyone have experience with the quitkick water squiter? worth the money? My other option is hanging mats but I’m at a boarding barn so it’s a little tricky, as is moving him to another stall. He isn’t kicking as of now since he is isolated but that is not a permanent solution and he needs to be moved back to at least having one neighbor. As a side note I know that kicking is often related to discomfort but I’m on top of ulcer management and other comfort-related issues. Thanks

I was SO entertained with this system the first time it popped and have been trying to turn it up via google for awhile–thank you for posting the name! I’d love to rig up something like this to keep my barn roosters from crowing when I’m cleaning stalls :rofl: :rofl:

Are you somewhere it gets cold and freezes? Because that seems like it would be a hard stop. How can it run if the water freezes in the line?

In your case, if your horse is fine when he’s isolated, does he just need more private space than most, and can you provide that without him being totally alone?

What she said. Such an easy solution for a happy horse, vs punishing him for saying he’s unhappy :grinning:

True, but the worry with isolation is the longer he is alone the more he gets used to being alone. This is my competition horse so we plan to go to clinics and 3-day events/ there’s potential he may move in the future. I also don’t think the barn he is boarded at wants to allow him to stay in the isolation stall, they want to use it as a quarantine stall. So right now im thinking either the quit kick or the mats but the water squirter is $400 plus about 50 for shipping

Are you planning on traveling to shows with the water spray thing?

Tarps to cover his view of other horses is cheaper and easier to transport :slight_smile:

Tarp is a good suggestion that I had forgotten, thank you. The hope with the water squirter would be that it would stop the habit, but I haven’t gotten any real world reviews, just those off of the website.

I got it for my mare. She’s a committed stall kicker, and I wouldn’t say it stopped her entirely. She figured out parts of the walls that wouldn’t trigger it and ultimately kicked off the sensors, which are not inexpensive to replace. The machine was quirky - the barn manager set it up and had to fiddle with it a lot to keep it working. I too hoped it would break her of the habit in a way that translated to shows, trailers, etc., but it didn’t seem to for her - but she’s a very smart, slightly devious mare.

That said, to echo the above posters: we ultimately turned her out 24 hours a day with a run-in stall due to a lay up, and she was MUCH happier. I also think the kicking may have had a very hard to detect and diagnose pain component despite many vets clearing her. I doubt I’ll move her back into the stall where the quit kick is installed now that I know how much happier she is outside with a run-in stall.

It’s kind of a silly gimmick and it breaks all the time. If you do get one, don’t forget to turn it off before you clean the stall lol-