Quote button not working

Since updating to IOS15 on my IPad, I can no longer use the quote button plus when I type in landscape mode, it doesn’t display on the screen….I have to put my iPad into portrait mode to type! I can read fine but cannot reply

How are you trying to quote? Since there is more than one way to quote here, it might help them to know what process you are using.

Can you grab some screen shots?

Are you quoting by long press, highlight text, click “quote” button that pops up


By clicking reply, then pressing quote button in reply window menu (far left, speech bubble.)

Can you try quoting by whichever method you’re not using? (ie, If you’re highlighting, can you try quoting by clicking on the reply window menu option.)

ETA, there’s also the highlight text, click reply button option to quote, does that work?

Same problem, on iOS 15 I can’t highlight text and hit the quote button. But… @Simkie just taught me something new. I didn’t know what the far left speech bubble did! That seems to work fine. Good to know!

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I’m trying by highlighting and then using the quote that pops up….and nothing happens!

Oh hey ……it works when I hit reply and then that bubble in the far left of the menu……I never knew that did that! Thanks @Simkie

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along with what Simkie pointed out go your Preferences, under Account select Interface… make sure “Enable quote reply for highlighted text” is enabled

Yes it’s still enabled (just checked)……I can now quote using the reply and then the bubble method, I cannot use the “highlight text and press quote “method and this is since updating to IOS 15

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Title read as “Cute” button not working.
I clicked to see what a cute button was, had not noticed one before.

Then tried “Quote” buttons, all working fine for me.

Since you found a roundabout way, maybe that will do?

I sent in a report about the quote issue since updating to IOS 15. Thank you for reporting it, @eclipse


Awesome thank you

Also have the iOS15 update & all of the quote functions seem to either not work at all or work sporadically on my phone.
They work fine when on my chromebook

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I can quote by highlighting and hitting the reply arrow on my iPhone. Is there a way to do multiple quotes with the new update? I used to be able to use the quote function and quote multiple posts in one reply… no longer. Any advice would be appreciated!