Quote function help

The quote bubble stopped showing when using an android phone.

It’s probably worth restarting the phone & clearing cookies. If the problem still persists, you can still quote text by highlighting it & clicking the reply button.

Thanks. I’ll try restarting. I have never been able to highlight for quoting. I need a new phone.

Oh, if you’re not highlighting, maybe I’m misunderstanding the issue? I thought this was the bubble that you’re missing. Is it something else?

If it’s the same issue as mine, the little quote bubble image when you click on reply is gone. Mine disappeared a while back.

Is the whole top bar missing in your reply window? The three line hamburger menu thing toggles that on & off. Still gone if you click there?

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You have solved my problem. It’s that triple bar that gives or takes away the bubble.

Thanks. You are so appreciated for your technical help.

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Thank you @Simkie! :star2:

Happy to help! :blush: