Racehorse Meds-Now in theUkraine?

I used to order Omeprazole from this site, I’m pretty sure it came from FL. I saw that it was shut down by the FDA and the dude was in jail, which sucked because the omeprazole was inexpensive and my gelding always improved on it.
I randomly searched for the site recently and it came back up, but I noticed that the address is now in the Ukraine and they take Bitcoin, Western Union Transfers, etc. for payment.

Has anyone worked with them since this new development? Anyone have any info on the change-up? Clearly, I’m uncomfortable providing personal info and filling out the account info with the new weirdness.

I wouldn’t order anything… It looks like a scammers dream site… Arabic text, based in Ukraine, and wants non traceable funds. No thanks.

Can you not get it compounded locally with a script?

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Yep, I can. Just putting out feelers. I used to use them in the past, strictly for omeprazole, and between the prices and the fact that my horse definitely improved on it, I was hoping they were back. I agree with you about the “scammers’ dream site”, which is why I was looking to see if anyone else had used it since it got revamped.

I wouldn’t consider Arabic text to be a sign of a scam; lots of countries have English versions of their website. Or even that they want an international form of electronic currency. But, I sure as heck would not buy something so easily attainable as omeprazole from Ukraine!

If it was something you couldn’t get in the US, then maybe I would consider it, with references. But not for no good reason.