Rain rot treatment?

So, horse has rain rot. All four legs past the knees and hocks, on the right side actually in his armpit area as well. :no:

I’ve only had him for 2 weeks, fyi. He was in a very muddy pasture for about a month before I shipped him to my barn, owner didn’t bother to check on him for more than once a week.

Currently using an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial with tea tree oil shampoo every other day washing his legs with a curry comb and picking off loose scabs. Towel dry, then pat on some Goldbond athlete’s foot powder. I wash every other day, while the Goldbond goes on every day.

After about a week the scabs are lessening… but any other tips for dealing with this? :frowning:

We had a very bad case–not just legs, but part of the body. Called the vet, who did not like what he saw, did a culture, and based on the results of the culture, prescribed oral antibiotics. Made a huge difference within days.
Also washed with a medicated shampoo he provided, and then, after improvement, with Selsun Blue (sp?).
I would be careful about picking off the scabs–you can open the skin up to secondary infections.

It’s also painful for your horse to pick the scabs. I’ve had good luck with anitbacterial soap, but I ditto the above posters advice to have your vet to a culture.

I had a bad riding accident in Feb, my horse and I fell into a canal, and my leg had a huge hole from hitting a rock in the canal. The first round of antibiotics did nothing for my injured leg and it became infected. When I went to Wound Care, the Dr took a culture and I had 2 infections going on. I was on 2 different antibiotics for 8 weeks and he even changed them up some.

Stop picking scabs. It delays healing.

Get yourself a 1lb. jar of Equishield CK. Massage in thoroughly. Do not wash off. Tomorrow again massage in. As you do, the scabs will soften, allow them to come off that way. Again do not wash off. It seems like a terrible idea not to wash and scrub clean, but seems to do more harm than good.

Continue the same routine until gone. Stubborn cases can take over a week,

Fresh cases usually heal in 3 or 4 days.

As an alternative RX, mix 1/2 and 1/2 desitin, and chlorhexidene cream (Nolvasan), with 1/4 tube of OTC dexamethazone or cortisone. Rub in the same way.


This works wonders.