Raised Platform for Litter Box? Litter Box on Legs?

Do you know of any litter boxes that have legs like a table? Or is there a platform for a litter box? I would like one that would put the litter box about hip height on me, with a ramp or steps for kitty to reach it. We’re both getting older – it’s hard for me to stoop down to scoop the box on the floor and hard for kitty to jump up onto the bed without a step-stool.

I remember someone on a cat forum using an end table as a platform when they had hip surgery. You could use the pet steps leading up to it.


I have used just a sturdy, heavy duty cardboard box and set the LB on the cardboard box. I have had a few surgeries where bending over was challenging and that was my temporary fix. The boxes are back on the floor…for now. I didn’t get the box as high as you want it. I have a long handled scoop so I kind of met in the middle. I think my cardboard boxes were about 12 inches high. Just that much height helped a lot.


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Thank you. After I read your post I Googled long-handled scoop, and I ordered one from Amazon. The handle adjusts from 17" to about 23".
I can’t wait to try it!

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Thanks. There are a lot of handymen around here so I may try to talk with one or two of them to see if we can come up with something.

Maybe the handyman could add a ramp to the raised litter box and/or your bed. My friend did this for her new Yorkie, it was made out of strong cardboard since the Yorkie weighs under 10 lbs. and she lined it with one of those thin receiving blankets made for babies so doggie could get up and down during the night to eat/drink/use weewee pad.

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